Starting a Tub to Shower Conversion

What to consider when planning a new bathtub to shower conversion
Never step over that dangerous bathtub again! Are you or a loved one stepping over a bathtub to take a shower? Even worse than that, a lot of seniors and people suffering from illnesses or injuries reduce the number of showers they take and some even quit taking showers forever. Between the fear of falling, stress from worrying about the situation and not knowing a practical solution for the problem this can quickly turn into a serious dilemma.

Tub to Shower Conversion Advantages

When considering a walk in shower, an E\Z Step tub to shower conversion has several advantages over a traditional walk in shower remodel job. The three top benefits of the E\Z Step tub to shower conversion are:

1. Real Savings - The price range for a traditional walk in shower remodeling project will cost anywhere between $6500 and $10,000 and can go up from there depending on the materials chosen, hardware colors and upgrade and options. When compared to that price range you will save at least 55% to 65% when you install an E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion.

2. Project Timeline - Always plan on at least a week of down time if you are considering having the bathtub and tile surround ripped out, all of the plumbing replaced, the drain jackhammered and relocated, mud set tile shower pan installed and then the ceramic tile shower surround. After that is completed it is time to address the shower doors, it only takes one day for a set of sliding glass doors and up to seven to ten days if you decide to order custom built frameless shower doors. When you have an E\Z Step tub to shower conversion installed most installs take only one day to complete and are ready to use in only 24 hours! Some cast iron tub to shower conversions takes a day and a half to have shower ready. See services for more details.

3. Peace of Mind - A lot of seniors avoid major home improvement projects like a bathtub to shower conversion in order to avoid major changes in their daily routine. They may not want to tear out fixtures that have been in the house since they purchased it 30 or 40 years ago and there may even be deeper sentimental value with the existing bathroom and they are comfortable with things just the way are and have been forever. With the E\Z Step tub to shower conversion only the bathtub gets modified while the tile, plumbing and the footprint of the bathroom remain identical to the way it is now and has always been. The only difference is it is now much safer.

Tub to Shower Conversion Options

In order to accommodate the client's safety needs and work with the existing bathroom configuration the tub to showers conversion is custom built for each bathtub. The options start with notch or full cut tub to shower conversion, shower curtain or custom built shower doors that either open on a hinge or sliding glass shower doors. All of the custom built shower doors come standard with either polished chrome or gold trim and either clear or obscure tempered glass. The custom built notch cut bathtub to shower conversion comes in 24, 26 and 28 inch openings and can be designed up to a 34 inch opening. This of course provides an extra-large opening for easier access. The depth of the cut is usually 10 to 12 inches deep and leaves a step only 2 and to 4 inches tall. The full cut E\Z Step tub to shower conversion comes with the custom built sliding glass shower doors with frameless glass panels available in 3\16, 1\4 and 3\8 of an inch tempered glass. The additional options available include:
  • Designer Grab Bars
  • Refinish Entire Bathtub
  • Custom Built Shower Seats
  • Frameless Shower Door Upgrades
  • Matching Granite Upgrades
  • Upgraded Tile Tub to Shower Conversion
  • See More In Services...

Client Conversion Stories:

I wanted to thank you for all of you help. After the pressure I put on you to make sure you planned on doing a "perfect job" or not to bother, I impressed you took the job let alone perform the job to the level that you did. You and Sherry are an amazing team. From my first phone call filled with questions to clean up when the job was done. You answered every phone call, every email, showed up on time and were done when you said you would be. I really find this AMAZING. My mother's walk in shower is beautiful. I was very worried about it not looking like one piece since my mother's tub was over 20 years old. By the time you were done my mother's shower looks like I had a team come in to redo her bathroom. I have already referred you to several friends. Please feel free to use me as a referral anytime. Your product is truly the perfect answer to converting a bathtub to a shower. I am so grateful to you both and even better my mom is HAPPY and SAFE! That is a wonderful gift for you to provide.
Thank you Tina T.

Hi Steve, I just wanted to take the time to express how happy my mother and I are with the bathtub conversion to shower your son Matt did. We are so very happy. I had no idea the results would be so professional yet very stylish. As you stated people often expressed the finished product looked as if it was originally made that way and I echo those comments. I cannot thank you enough. Not only was the job done professionally but Matt was extremely courteous, neat and you could tell he took pride in his performance. I also thank you. Shortly after seeing your ad I learned my mother had to have a major surgery; one that would require no strenuous activity for weeks after so as customers often do I then laid upon you a request of expediency based on my failure to take action years ago and asked you to accomplish the conversion within a few days of the initial consultation appointment. Not once did you say you could not accommodate my request but graciously placed us on the schedule immediately and the day before surgery my mom was able to use her brand new bathroom and with so much ease and comfort after coming home. I say brand new because it certainly looks as if we remodeled the bathroom but for a fraction of the cost. Thank you again. You have certainly lifted a burden of concern from my mind because the tub was so high I was always afraid my mom would fall. Being 82 with major osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and a host of other medical problems it was only a matter of time before an accident occurred. So I am forever grateful. I cannot say enough good things about the workmanship and craftsmanship. If you ever need a reference please feel to use my name and email address. I wish you and your son continued success and GOD Bless!
Loretta A grateful customer

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Just want to report that we are very happy with the shower installation. Matthew and the others were very friendly and accommodating and the final result is stunning. I will be recommending your service to all of my friends!
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Best, Robert

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